Zero Trust

Implementing Zero Trust Without the Complexity

81% breaches involve weak, default, or stolen passwords

Zero Trust networking assumes there is no such thing as a trusted insider or authorized user. “Trust no-one. Verify everything,” is the philosophy. Everyone in security is talking about its merits, but the challenge is implementation can require an intensive overhaul. Legacy infrastructure often doesn’t fit the Zero Trust architecture. Exceptions create weak points where threats like lateral movement become easier and less perceptible.

For the many areas and situations in the network that organizations are struggling with, Identity and Access Threat Prevention (IATP) can be a key component to adopting Zero Trust without the headache.

Here are some of the ways IATP solutions like the Preempt Platform support Zero Trust Requirements:

Real Time / Identity Verification

- Continually analyze identity, behavior and risk
- Verify identity and access in real-time

Device Risk Assessment

- Compensating controls can be used when MDM or certificates are not in place
- Define device trust based identity, access levels and other facts tied to device activity

User Centric Remediation

- Users are able to take steps to verify their identity through any verification technique / vendor that they are enrolled in allowing them to select the method they prefer to use (phone call, push, OTP)

Access Enforcement

- Easily enforce policy on what a user is allowed to access
- Understand both what Domain Admins use along with what they don’t and can enforce access verification with rules based on this


- Observe traffic to automatically identify all of the users and entities in your organization including privileged users, service accounts, executives, contractors and more.
- Assess risk on device traits, password strength, account privileges, behavior patterns, location, protocols in use and much more

Support Any Network Resource

- Add access controls to any resource (Web services, Network tools, Legacy Apps, Domain Logon, Service access, Remote Desktop)
- Extend access control to any resource without requiring modifications to the protected assets

Adaptive and Situational Management with Policy Rules

- Unified context, visibility, and custom policy enforcement

Support Zero Trust without the Headache

With the Preempt Platform, you can align Zero Trust with your network architecture and dramatically reduce the level of effort and change required to implement the framework.   Threat prevention remains consistent across on-premise networks, cloud infrastrastructure, as well as cloud-based and federated applications. Employee habits and user experiences are maintained. With Preempt you can you can gain the benefits of Zero Trust, get more out of your existing architecture and significantly strengthen your security posture.