Zero Trust Security with Zero Friction

A traditional Zero Trust deployment approach requires a complex security stack, additional personnel, and business disruptions. To effectively adopt Zero Trust, security organizations must reduce solution and user complexity by driving towards a frictionless user experience for both security teams and workforce users. A frictionless experience means lower cost, better security adoption, and reduced risk.

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Secure Human and Service Account Access Everywhere

Monitor in real-time, credential usage for human and service accounts based on behavioral, static, and IT policy-based analytics.  Continuously understand authentication gaps, risks, and user behavior for a risk profile to enable appropriate policy action. Reduce the time and cost to detect and prevent lateral movement, insider threats, and attacks on identity stores. 

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Real-time Trust Verification – No Logs Required

Automatically classify human and service accounts across identity stores (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD) to create a baseline profile immediately.  Then with intelligent Conditional Access, use over 100+ real-time analytics to allow, block, or challenge (with whichever MFA your organization uses) without modifying the existing infrastructure. And enable complete coverage, by extending MFA to any asset, be it on-premises or in the cloud, and even to legacy or proprietary applications and tools. 

Security evolved: Bringing together identity, threat prevention & Conditional Access

Continuously Assess Risk - Without MFA Fatigue

Continuously monitor, assess, and audit all authentication requests from every workforce user, privileged user, and service account. Automate the analysis and baselining based on access patterns, risky behavior, and anomalies that feed into user-definable enforcement policies. Trigger a step-up challenge only when the risk increases, improving end-user experience, and decreasing the burden of false positives for the security team

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Why Preempt

Preempt Platform Dashboard

  • Enterprise-ready architecture to instantly support Zero Trust security for thousands of user accounts, without any hidden appliance costs
  • Protect identity stores, anywhere like Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, IDP/SSO, MFA, and federated solutions
  • Real-time threat detection without logs to detect sophisticated threats using user credentials and behavior faster and with massively reduced cost
  • Risk analytics to prioritize authentication threats and continuously gauge the risk posture for every user account
  • Easy deployment to secure new or on-going digital transformation projects in days not months

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White Paper: A Frictionless Zero Trust Strategy for Your Hybrid Infrastructure


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