Why Preempt?

Preempt Security Threats in Real-TIme with Conditional Access

What Makes Us Different?

“Preempt’s platform is one of the most interesting and powerful to hit the infosec market in years,” Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst, 451 Research

An eroding perimeter and advanced threats have lead to more breaches and overworked security operations teams. Enterprises have many solutions but they are siloed with nothing tying them together from a threat perspective. Identity and access have become the critical components for threat prevention. To be more effective, identity and security teams must come together to approach the problem in a new, continuous, adaptive and preemptive way because binary decisions – black or white, allow or block – will not work. Preempt is breaking the boundaries and delivering a modern approach to authentication and securing identity with its patented Conditional Access platform.  Conditional Access stops threats, provides holistic visibility and automates SOC response.

Real Time Response to Prevent Threats

Preempt Security Threats and Incidents with Conditional Access

Preempt makes analytical and automated decisions around enterprise access for any user – privileged, service accounts, executives, and contractors. With Conditional Access, enterprises can continuously preempt threats based on identity, behavior and risk. A flexible policy that enables adaptive responses (like Allow/Block, MFA, Isolation, Authorizer, and more) ensures legitimate transactions smoothly continue while malicious threats such as credential compromise, account takeover and lateral movement are blocked and contained.

Understand Identity Everywhere

Organizations often have siloed or incomplete views of who is accessing what, when, where and how across multiple identity and access management platforms. Security teams are also often the last to find out when people’s projects change or when access in no longer required. Preempt solves this by providing a holistic view of all users, privileges, behavioral access patterns and accounts on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Unified visibility makes it easier to gain control over all accounts (users, privileged, service and more) while at the same time allowing the security team to easily and continuously reduce risk and their attack surface.

Increase Efficiency of Security Operations

Manually resolving and prioritizing every incident (suspicious, malicious, false positive, etc.) is the bane of every security organization. Over-tuning can lead to missed incidents and ultimately a breach. Under-tuning can lead to alert fatigue.  Now with preemptive blocking and automated resolution of suspicious incidents it is easier to reduce security risk and give the overworked security team a helping hand so they can focus on incidents that rightfully need their attention.

What People are Saying About Preempt

“Detection only solutions today are not enough. We needed a proactive solution to help us get ahead of threats. Preempt’s approach of being able to adapt and automatically prevent threats based on identity, behavior and risk has provided tremendous value.The ease of deployment and extensibility of its platform also helps enable us as we move to more cloud based applications and infrastructure.”  

Head of Global Information Security,  Scotts Miracle-Gro

“We looked at least 4 other solutions. None of the others allowed us to block and respond to threats in real-time. This was the driving factor for us selecting Preempt.”

CISO, Delta Dental

“We reduced the amount of time spent on incident response by about 30-40%.”

CSO, Legal Services Firm

“Preempt’s adaptive response capabilities will allow us to prevent threats in real-time without additional burden to our security team.”

Director of Information Security, Moravian College

“We continue to be impressed by Preempt’s approach, which effectively unifies visibility and user access across all platforms while continuously and adaptively preempting cyber threats and risk. The Preempt Platform is as a top solution for threat detection and breach resolution.”

David Monahan, Senior Analyst, EMA Research

“Cyberthreats are on the rise and not just for corporations – attacks against academics are also increasing. The challenge includes ensuring your institution can be open enough to encourage the free flow of ideas, while still protecting intellectual property and keeping compliant. Preempt can play a big role in finding that balance, particularly in cloud environments.”

 Assistant Director for Systems Administration and Operations, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College