Why Preempt?

Preempt Eliminates Security Threats in Real-TIme with Identity & Access Threat Prevention

What Makes Us Different?

In security, its not just the perimeter that has changed. Threats have evolved. Attackers are more adept at stealing credentials and compromising valid identities and accounts – using them to dig deeper into the network to steal or damage data.  Identity and access have become the critical threat prevention component of the new perimeter. To be more effective, identity and security teams must come together to approach the problem in a new, continuous, adaptive and preemptive way. Knowing the difference between a real breach and an innocent action by a user can be extremely difficult to differentiate.  A continuously adaptive approach to information security is required because binary decisions – black or white, allow or block – will not work.

At Preempt we are creating the much-needed bridge between identity/access and threat prevention. Instead of segmenting the two disciplines, Preempt lets them work together to deliver a truly modern approach to security with Identity and Access Threat Prevention.


Real Time Response to Prevent Threats

Preempt Security Threats and Incidents

Preempt threats with confidence. Preempt makes analytical and automated decisions around enterprise access for any user – privileged, service accounts, executives, and contractors. Both enterprises and the activities of users are dynamic making threat prevention all the more complex. With identity and access threat prevention, enterprises can continuously preempt threats based on identity, behavior and risk. A flexible policy that enables adaptive responses (like Allow/Block, MFA, Isolation, Third Party verification, etc.)  ensures legitimate transactions can smoothly continue while malicious threats such as credential compromise, account takeover and lateral movement are blocked and contained. Enterprises gain three key benefits: maintain security, enable the business process and not overwhelm security teams with false alarms.


Unify Visibility Across All Accounts and Platforms

Security organizations often have an incomplete view of who is accessing what, when, where and how across multiple identity and access management platforms throughout the enterprise. There is no single holistic view of users, especially as it relates to access patterns. Security teams are also often the last to find out when people’s projects change, when users change departments, and when access in no longer required. Preempt solves this by providing a holistic view of all users, privileges, behavioral access patterns and accounts on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments based on actual user activity. With unified visibility it is easier to gain control over privileged accounts, user accounts, service accounts, and more. At the same time allowing the security team to easily and continuously reduce the attack surface.


Increase Efficiency of Security Operations

Manually resolving and prioritizing every incident (suspicious, malicious, false positive, etc.) is the bane of every security organization. Especially when the volume of alerts continues to rise. Over-tuning can lead to missed incidents and ultimately a breach. Under-tuning can lead to security operations fatigue as they chase suspicious but not malicious incidents.   Now with preemptive blocking and automated resolution of suspicious incidents using adaptive responses, it is easier to reduce security risk and give the overworked security team a helping hand so they can focus on incidents that rightfully need their attention.  A unified view of all users and entity activity across all platforms makes it more efficient for SOC teams to investigate and manage incidents.

Let our Customers Tell You Why Preempt

“Detection only solutions today are not enough. We needed a proactive solution to help us get ahead of threats. Preempt’s approach of being able to adapt and automatically prevent threats based on identity, behavior and risk has provided tremendous value.The ease of deployment and extensibility of its platform also helps enable us as we move to more cloud based applications and infrastructure.”  

Head of Global Information Security,  Manufacturing Company 

“We looked at least 4 other solutions. None of the others allowed us to block and respond to threats in real-time. This was the driving factor for us selecting Preempt.”

CISO, National Insurance Association

“We reduced the amount of time spent on incident response by about 30-40%.”

CSO, Legal Services Firm