Security Evolved: Why It’s Time to Bring Together Identity, Conditional Access and Real-Time Threat Prevention

To deliver effective security, enterprises need to look at a new approach that augments the existing architecture instead of replaces it. An approach brings full enterprise and business context to real-time enforcement decisions. Identity, behavior, devices, anomalies, and risk all play a real-time role. Just as importantly, enforcement and access options can be graded based on the risk to the business, and policies can actively seek out and adapt to new information. These changes allow security to evolve in the following ways: 

  • From reactive response to real-time enforcement 
  • From black-and-white rules to policies based on enterprise risk and context 
  • From rigid, static rules to policies that continue to adapt to real-time changes 
  • From perimeter context to a full enterprise context 
  • From end-user enforcement to end-user engagement 

This paper lays out the key concepts of this architecture and how it fits with and extends all of an organization’s security investments. Download it today.