Infographic: Exploring The Hidden Figures In Your Identity Store

Analysis Of The Metadata Found In Active Directory

Preempt’s current and future customers agree: A huge problem across the enterprise is the lack of visibility into service accounts: how many exist, finding stealthy admins, and which ones have elevated privileges. Preempt conducted a meta-data analysis of nearly two million accounts to get a general idea of what the percentages were across every industry for users, privileged users or admins, and service accounts. 

  • But what do those numbers really look like? 
  • What is the danger of the 1% shadow user? 
  • Can one compromised credential really bring down the whole enterprise?

Potentially, yes. If your enterprise has 1,000+ employees, with only a 1% shadow user percentage, that’s 10+ potential avenues of ingress for the bad guys. 

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