On-Demand Webinar: How To Protect Your Exposed Active Directory Environment Against LDAP/S & NTLM Attacks!

Preempt Security was the first in the industry to discover a vulnerability that enabled attackers to perform NTLM relay to any Domain Controller via LDAPS. Though Microsoft responded with a patch configuration to mitigate this threat, the default configuration does not enforce protection – exposing the ADs in most organizations to NTLM vulnerabilities.

To harden the default configuration, Microsoft initially planned the LDAP/S security defaults change for January 2020, then changed to March 2020, now it’s planned for the second half of 2020 – eventually exposing those environments that do not modify the default configuration susceptible to LDAP/S relay attacks. 

Don’t you want to protect your Active Directory (AD) from such attacks?

With our deep understanding of the NTLM protocol and the NTLM relay attack techniques, we were able to develop the first deterministic detection against all variations of NTLM and LDAP/S relay attacks including newly discovered vulnerabilities.

In this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Review the vulnerabilities discovered by the Preempt team that bypass all NTLM relay mitigations, including Session Signing, Message Integrity Code (MIC) and Enhanced Protection for Authentication (EPA)
  • Get the recommended configuration to harden and protect your environment against the described attack techniques
  • Learn how to detect any attempt to exploit the latest vulnerabilities
  • See how Preempt protects against NTLM relay attacks