On Demand Demo Tuesdays: Threat Hunting 101

Watch now the hands-on product demo of CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust! 

Falcon Zero Trust Technical Product Manager, Alex Talyanski demonstrates how to find threats – both from a starting IP provided by another security tool and then by examining high-risk or suspicious traffic in the threat hunter feature.

Starting with a potential attacker IP, Alex will show:
• Activity from that source, date range, and more
• Review suspicious activity and delve deeper into account credentials
• Compare vs incidents being handled by AD SysAdmins and provide new insight

Alex will then demonstrate proactive threat hunting to:
• Examine Domain controllers and weak authentication requirements like LDAP
• Focus on risk factors and remediation
• Find high-profile risks within privileged credentials and search for
the corresponding activity
• Schedule regular reports

If you are interested in security analysis for a SOC or AD team through the Falcon Zero Trust, then this Demo Tuesday is for you!