451 Research — Zero Trust — the Importance of IATP

“Trust no one, verify everything” is the core principle underlying the Zero Trust concept. While nearly everyone in security is talking about the merits of a Zero Trust approach, the not-so-trivial challenge is that implementation of a Zero Trust network can require an intensive overhaul of your existing infrastructure. To illustrate, even Google took several years to implement its’ own Zero Trust framework (BeyondCorp). Identity and Access Threat Prevention (IATP) can provide a way for organizations to begin their Zero Trust journey in a way that doesn’t require a heavy transformation of existing network infrastructure or applications.

Listen to Garrett Bekker, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, and Ajit Sancheti, Preempt’s Chief Executive Officer, discuss how Zero Trust concepts can be addressed with Identity and Access Threat Prevention.

Key takeaways include:

  • Why Zero Trust may be the most significant change to security in years
  • What are some of the top challenges with implementing Zero Trust
  • How to better secure and control access in an integrated and seamless manner
  • Practical takeaways around how to implement Zero Trust Security with Identity & Access Threat Prevention