Preempt Case Study: Nate Englund of Charlotte Russe

Watch Nate Englund from fashion retailer Charlotte Russe  talk about how they are able to more proactively preempt security threats and incidents with Identity & Access Threat Prevention from Preempt. Some of the key benefits they have received:

    • Proactive 24/7 Threat Protection: Preempt acts as a force multiplier, working 24/7 to detect and preempt threats before damage is done.
    • Unified Visibility: Eliminated manual intensive process of piecing logs together across a variety of tools and systems across multiple data centers to detect internal threats or unexpected behavior.
    • Privileged Account Control: Eliminated the visibility gap of what Privileged Accounts were doing and gained more control over access
    • Helps Team Efficiency: Team can respond to security incidents and threats 2-3x faster than before.

Learn more about Identity & Access Threat Prevention in our white paper:
Security Evolved – Why It’s Time to Bring Together Identity, Access and Real Time Threat Prevention