CrowdStrike Completes Acquisition of Preempt Security


Conditional Access for Retailers

Protect Your POS System and Supply Chain by Hardening Your Active Directory

Secure All Access to Reduce Risk

With a distributed employee workforce, 3rd party vendors, and partners all accessing your sensitive systems and integrated supply chain, you need to get visibility across multiple networks and the cloud, enforce adaptive controls, and remediate risk. Secure corporate resources with policy or automated adaptive responses like MFA across your entire ecosystem and help ensure PCI compliance.

Get Visibility and Identify Risk

Risks like weak or exposed passwords, bad protocols, stealthy admins and sudden new accounts are all threats to your integrated supply chain and your bottom line.
Preempt offers visibility into live network traffic continuous assessment for known vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, exposed passwords, uses of suspicious protocol, stealthy admins, new accounts, use of pass-the-hash, and other vulnerabilities and indications of compromise.

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Protecting Access to Your Virtual Storefront and Supply Chain

Internet sales demand internet systems and customer relationship management systems – which is all about identity. Protecting your identity store means not only looking at and cleaning up risks currently in your Active Directly, it means proactive, automated protection. The Preempt Platform gives you control over your users from any device – managed or not – whether in the cloud or on your network.


Reduce Risk with Insights, Policy, and Auto-Remediation

Preempt protects against unauthorized access by restricting access to both internal and public-facing online storefronts based on roles, risk levels, activity, geolocation, and more. Create a flexible rule base that adapts to almost any scenario – from strange permissions suddenly granted a user to new administrator accounts created by a stale service account. Preempt is able to look at all access activity of a user and create a baseline of normal behavior. When risky activity or abnormal behavior is spotted, Preempt will automatically challenge the users with step-up MFA/2FA, require authorization, or simply block the request as desired.

Meeting PCI DSS Compliance Requirements

The Preempt Platform helps organizations meet PCI-DSS 3.2 requirements such as maintaining secure network and systems, maintaining a vulnerability management system, implementing strong access controls, regularly monitoring networks, and maintaining an information security policy. Preempt has you covered.

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