Secure Privilege Accounts to Improve Active Directory Hygiene

Most of the modern attacks and breaches involve privileged user credentials. Classifying privileged human and service accounts and actively responding to potential threats on Active Directory has become a critical initiative for CISOs of hybrid enterprises. With Preempt, you can easily visualize all privileged users across your Active Directory environment, detect threats in real-time, and respond with risk-based Conditional Access.

Visualize and Classify Privileged Users in Your Active Directory

With Preempt, you can automatically identify and classify your privileged accounts – human and service accounts. For every account, see risk scores, authentication patterns, and problem areas like stale accounts, weak passwords, risky activities, and more.

Preempt delivers continuous insights and behavioral analytics to better detect and respond to risk and threats in real-time before they impact your business.

Mitigate AD Threats From Risky Privileged Users in Real-Time

Track actions, location, and behavior of all entities for signs of malicious or abnormal behavior. Preempt discovers high-risk privileged users and service accounts, and helps you understand the scope and impact of their access privileges.

With Preempt, enforce Conditional Access in real-time based on high-risk behavior, and challenge with step-up authentication, before access is granted to critical resources or applications, across on-premises and cloud environments.

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Ensure Active Directory Hygiene

With Preempt, continuously visualize and track weaknesses such as password issues, risky user behavior, and all the associated endpoints of privileged users holding the keys to the kingdom.

Quickly verify Active Directory hygiene and continuously discover weaknesses across dynamic environments, giving your enterprise the ability to take action against and protect from potential breaches that leverage privileged access credentials.

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Why Preempt

Preempt Platform Dashboard

  • Inside-out risk scores developed around user roles, user-defined authentication policies and the identity store, instead of the traditional outside-in scoring
  • Strong R&D research team led by one of Microsoft’s Top 100 Security Researchers
  • Time-to-value in days; not weeks or months
  • No need to install and maintain agents on user endpoints
  • Continuous risk analytics to prioritize authentication threats and reduce mean time to detection

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