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The Preempt Platform

Continuously Reduce Risk and Preempt Threats Based on Identity, Behavior and Risk

If you struggle with identifying all of the users and accounts in your organization, as well understanding what they are doing and accessing, it can be very difficult to be proactive at preventing threats. The Preempt Platform takes a new modern approach to the problem and helps put you back in the driver’s seat so you can reduce risk and automatically preempt threats before they impact your business. 

The Preempt Platform

A Security Platform That Never Sleeps

The Platform quickly discovers all of the users in your network and delivers continuous insights and behavioral analytics to better detect and respond to risk and threats in real-time before they impact your business. And because threats are not black or white and can vary greatly, we help you take it a step further. The unique adaptive capabilities of the Platform allow you to automate response with the right type of enforcement or notification based on identity, behavior and risk. This ensures the right level of security is delivered to either stop a threat or allow valid users to get on with their work. 

We realize enterprise security infrastructures are not one size fits all. Our Platform supports teams of all sizes and maturity levels. As you get started on your journey to real-time threat prevention, Preempt adapts with your organization as it grows and changes, whether it be on premises or in the cloud. Best of all, you can get started with the benefits of the Preempt Platform in as little as two hours and gain immediate and ongoing benefits.

Insights and Analytics

What if you could get rid of the silos and reduce your risk on day one?

Organizations often have siloed views of who is accessing what, when, where and how across multiple security solutions and platforms. Preempt solves this by auto-discovering all users, privileges, accounts and behavioral access patterns whether on premises or in the cloud. 

Insights and Analytics provides a continuous health and risk assessment – revealing password problems, privileged access, stealthy admins, Active Directory (AD) configuration issues and more so that you can gain more control over all accounts (users, privileged, service and more). This immediate visibility helps you proactively reduce the attack surface risk making it easier to pass your next audit.

The Platform’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics learns the behavior of every user and device on the network including privileged users and service accounts. The system classifies users and develops risk scoring based on a variety of factors including activity from Cloud services, SSO, VPN, supervised and unsupervised learning and real-time network traffic. Analytics can expose risky behavior, malicious insiders, attackers, compromised accounts or devices, lateral movement, attempts to escalate privileges, and attacks against internal infrastructure. 

Real Time Threat Detection

What if you could detect or investigate credential based threats in real-time?

Credential based attacks continue to be the number one way organizations are compromised. Preempt approaches threat detection differently. By using Insights and Analytics that are focused on identity, behavior and risk with real-time network traffic, the Platform not only provides you with greater fidelity in attack detection but also reduces the amount of false positives that need to be managed and allows you to be more proactive in preventing threats and speeding up investigations.

Uniquely, with the Preempt Platform, you can prevent lateral movement and unauthorized domain access due to the misuse of network tools (eg. PsExec, PowerShell) and the use of hacking tools (eg. Mimikatz, Bloodhound, etc). Preempt also has the ability to deeply inspect authentication protocols (NTLM, Kerberos,  LDAP, etc.) to help control insecure protocol usage and reduce risk of security threats, including credential forwarding and password cracking as well as detecting attacks like Kerberoasting, Pass-the-Hash and Golden Ticket.

Adaptive Threat Prevention

What if you could preempt threats before impact?

When you have a team overwhelmed with security incidents, responding to every threat in a timely manner is impossible.  Now when suspicious or risky behavior is detected, the Platform’s adaptive threat prevention capabilities can step in to help you proactively respond to threats without getting an analyst involved. 

Preempt can progressively interact with users to verify threats and enforce policy. Fine-grained actions allow you to match the level of response to the risk, and can automatically adapt based on changing context. Policy-based responses (e.g. Block, multi-factor authentication (MFA), isolation, reduce privileges, alert, allow, etc.) continually adapt based on identity, behavior and risk.  For example, a user can be challenged with MFA based on suspicious behavior. If they fail the challenge, they can be blocked.

Preempt can also provide immediate protection of internal resources by either setting up policy based enforcement or quickly adding MFA in front of any network resource without modifying the application or the endpoint.

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