Press Release

Preempt Platform Awarded U.S. Patent for Identity and Access Threat Prevention Solution

Feb 13, 2019

U.S. Patent Office Awards San Francisco-based Preempt Security with Patent for In-Line Sniffer Mode Network Based Identity-Centric Firewalls

SAN FRANCISCO and RAMAT GAN, Israel – February 13, 2019 – Preempt, the innovator of the industry’s first Identity and Access Threat Prevention solution that stops cyber attacks and internal threats, today announced the issuance of a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for “Inline and Sniffer Mode Network Based Identity-Centric Firewalls.” The patent covers Preempt Platform’s design for foiling attacks and unwanted user activity within authentication-based network resources using a unique, real-time detection and response capability, which can be deployed inline or in sniffer mode. The technology was developed by Preempt and registered in the USPTO under the number US 10,154,049.

“We’re proud to be awarded this patent, which recognizes our modern approach to utilizing identity, behavior and risk to empower enterprises with real-time visibility and control around their most critical assets, using market-validated Identity and Access Threat Prevention,” said Ajit Sancheti, Preempt co-founder and CEO. “We developed this technology to address one of the most pressing, decades-old challenges in cybersecurity: the vast majority of organizations continue to suffer from credential theft and compromise, which is responsible for 81 percent of hacking related breaches.”

The patented technology is the underpinning of the Preempt Platform, providing real-time analysis, detection and protection from credential theft, pass the hash, and other risky and malicious activity. By utilizing a comprehensive approach of real-time threat detection and adaptive response, the patented design provides an improved security system that provides effective security for enterprises in a world where the network perimeter is disappearing.

Using this technology, Preempt’s patented approach includes the following detection and response features built around evaluating identity, behavior and risk factors:

  • Threat detection using a matrix of factors including monitoring for abnormal service access, LDAP harvesting, Pass-the-Ticket, password brute force and other activity
  • Adaptive response to suspicious behavior, including disconnecting the remote machine, requiring the user to re-authenticate, and/or requiring a second form of authentication
  • Risk scoring for complex IT networks, taking into account vulnerable operating systems, metadata such as weak and exposed passwords, and stale accounts

In January, industry analyst firm EMA ranked Preempt among the top three providers for four major security analytics categories globally. The EMA decision guide research report, titled “Security Analytics for Threat Detection and Breach Resolution 2019,” is designed to help organizations deliver on the objectives of increased detection, accelerated response and containment, and other measures. The Decision-Makers Guide ranked Preempt as a top three solution in the categories of Account Compromise Monitoring – Excessive access activity and access patterns; Account Compromise Monitoring – Privilege misuse/abuse; Breach Avoidance Through Predictive Analytics; and Risk Prioritization For Active Security Events.

The inventors for the patent include Preempt co-founders Ajit Sancheti and Roman Blachman and security researcher Eyal Karni.