Preempt Announces Record Results in First Fiscal Year Since the Release of its Behavioral Firewall

First Company to Bring an Identity Centric In-line Approach to Eliminate Insider Threats and Security Breaches in Real-Time Sees Nearly 100 Percent Conversion Rate from Trial Customers

SAN FRANCISCO – September 14, 2017 – Preempt, a leader in adaptive threat prevention that helps enterprises eliminate insider threats and security breaches, today announced the results of its first fiscal year ending in July 2017 with 75 percent consecutive quarter over quarter growth since the release of its solution, Preempt Behavioral Firewall. In addition to its exemplary revenue growth, the company has also seen significant results with growing its customers base, developing a global reseller program, offering new technology integrations, and expanding employees, while being the first in the industry to bring an in-line proactive approach to not just detect but prevent insider threats and security breaches in real-time.

The Preempt Behavioral Firewall is the only solution that eliminates threats in real-time. The platform’s real-time situational threat prevention technology provides a unique value proposition to customers. It understands threats aren’t black or white and provides a more adaptive approach to protecting the enterprise and ensuring real business isn’t disrupted while reducing operational costs.

Since its release, Preempt has garnered strong momentum with customers in the financial and legal verticals and is seeing a surge in industrial and healthcare. The Preempt platform was built for speed and ease of deployment and operation, and customers are experiencing very quick time to value with some Preempt customers seeing incident resolution time being reduced by 30-40 percent. As a result, the company sees a nearly 100 percent conversion rate in enterprise customers who trial the solution.

Gartner recently announced a new strategic approach called CARTA (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment)i. CARTA pushes enterprises to embrace a continuously adaptive approach to information security because in an increasingly digital business world, binary decisions – black or white, allow or block – do not work. This approach is fundamental to how the Preempt platform is architected. Preempt helps enterprises put CARTA in motion today with Adaptive Access Control, an area where Preempt was specifically called out in the report, as well as with in-line User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). Preempt is the only security vendor to provide in-line UEBA.

“Our customers chose Preempt because they suffered from not having the ability to be able to proactively respond to suspicious activity and were overwhelmed with security incidents. They now use Preempt to help them automate responses and it shows the great trust our customers have in our ability to deliver an industry-leading real-time threat prevention solution they can rely on,” said Ajit Sancheti, CEO at Preempt. “The ability to not just detect, but respond to changes in behavior and identity is going to drive growth in these aspects of security. Detection-only solutions will have a very short shelf life as they don’t solve key problems for customers, which is a lack of security resources and being able to preempt threats in real-time before they cause damage.”

Highlights from Preempts 2016-2017 fiscal year, include:

Company Growth

  • 75 percent consecutive quarter over quarter growth, both in revenues and number of customers

Customer Success

  • Nearly 100 percent customer trial to conversion rate with success across multiple verticals including Financial, Healthcare and Legal

Reseller Program

  • Launched Global Reseller Program; signing more than 12 resellers

Product Innovation Announcements

  • Preempt Inspector – a free app to quickly assess an organization’s password health and provide recommendations to reduce risks of credential-based attacks
  • Preempt AnyApp – gives enterprises a development-free way to add Multi-Factor Authentication to any application
  • New Data integrations – include Single Sign-On vendors like Okta and cloud directories like Azure Active Directory and VPN gateways
  • New Enforcement integrations with SecureAuth, Symantec VIP, Okta, RSA SecurID, Duo, Google Authenticator and HP Aruba ClearPass

Employee Growth

  • Employee growth doubled; with an expectation to double again next year


  • Raised $8 million in Series A funding in 2016. General Catalyst Partners led the round with participation from well-known security leaders and innovators, including Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar, the founders of Trusteer, and Paul Sagan, the former CEO of Akamai Technologies.

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[i] Gartner “Use a CARTA Strategic Approach to Embrace Digital Business Opportunities in an Era of Advanced Threats” by Neil MacDonald and Felix Gaehtgens, May 22, 2017.