Preempt Lite

Attackers are targeting your employees’ credentials.
Do you know if you’re vulnerable?

Preempt Lite is Preempt’s central management console — empowering your enterprise security team with visibility and control over the threats in your environment. Preempt Lite provides an easy and continuous solution to improve your security posture, reduce risk, and strengthen your Active Directory hygiene.

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Discover All Accounts, Including Shadow Admins

Discover all users in your network — business, privileged, service — so you can determine which accounts are human vs. machine, stale, hidden, active or inactive. In addition, automatically discover stealthy (or shadow) administrators who are not part of the official Admin group so that you quickly mitigate risk.

Uncover Network Weaknesses

Weak AD controls, exposed workstations, unknown objects, out- of-date OS, and other risk factors are all visible to you to take action against to protect your network from breach.

Detect Weak and Exposed Credentials and Accounts

Continuous monitoring exposes who has weak, stale, duplicate, or exposed credentials that are easily leveraged by attackers, allowing the security team to recommend remediation strategies and enforce best practices for policy and control.

Eliminate Risk From Users With Breached Passwords

Preempt’s deep contextual intelligence and library of hashes is combined with password dictionaries to reveal already compromised passwords.

Expose Potential Risk Factors

Risk factors such as users with inappropriately assigned SIDs (security identifier) workstations that do not require SMB signing, unconstrained delegation machines and other risky privileges and controls are instantly detected and remediated with Preempt.

Detect Skeleton Key Malware

Preempt Lite can detect if Domain Controllers (DC) are forcing RC4 encryption, which is a sign of skeleton key malware installed on the DCs.

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