Preempt Inspector

Attackers are targeting your employees’ credentials.
Do you know if you’re vulnerable?

Preempt Inspector is a powerful, free security health check app that provides actionable results to reduce your company’s risk of credential-based attacks. Account passwords, presence of stealthy admins and other Active Directory (AD) configurations are all at your security team’s fingertips to help improve your security posture.

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Detect Weak User Passwords

Run regular reporting to expose weak or duplicate passwords that are easily cracked by attackers so you can recommend remediation and enforce best practices. Detects if any passwords were in recent breaches, such as those at Yahoo! and LinkedIn.

Stealthy (or Shadow) Admins

Discover users who have administrator-level privileges but are not in the admin group so that you can proactively mitigate the risk.

Cloned Local Admin Passwords

Check for cloned local admins on domain computers created from the same image. This can lead to privilege escalation on cloned computers or Pass-the- Hash attacks if GPO settings are not configured.

Domain Controller Signing Settings

The app checks to see if SMB signing, LDAP signing, and LDAPS channel binding are enforced by the domain controllers. If settings are not enabled, the network can be susceptible to NTLM relay attacks.

Password Policy

Password complexity scores are developed from domain password policy settings in order to assess and proactive reduce risk

Exposed Passwords

Preempt Inspector reviews the GPOs, looks for exposed user passwords, and reports back on which GPO contained the exposed password.

Easy to Use

The application works closely with Active Directory to get a real-time view of the organization’s password health. Requirements:

  • Windows 8 or above. Windows machine with .NET 4.5 Internet Explorer 10 or above
  • Some features require valid user with Domain Admin privileges and access to internet to download the password dictionary
  • Solid IT administrative knowledge


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