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Hackers are targeting your employee’s credentials.  Do you know if you’re vulnerable?

Preempt Inspector is a powerful application that quickly assesses your organization’s password health, including exposure to high profile security breaches, and provides actionable results to reduce your company’s risk of a credential-based attack.

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Preempt Inspector is an easy to use application that puts the security posture of your organization’s account passwords at your security team’s fingertips. Password rules, which many enterprises employ, can allow users to create passwords that can easily be cracked. Preempt Inspector identifies such weak passwords.

Preempt combines password hashes from major breaches, such as those at Yahoo! and LinkedIn, along with an exhaustive dictionary of compromised and weak credentials to identify potential risk to the organization. Results immediately reveal which accounts have the potential to be compromised, allowing for quick remediation and to enable the organization to operate with confidence that user passwords are not the weak link.

Detect Weak User Passwords

Run regular reporting to expose who has weak or duplicate passwords that are easily cracked by attackers so that the security team can recommend remediation with strong user passwords and enforce best practices.


Preempt Inspector Results

Eliminate Risk from Another Company’s Breach

Preempt Inspector helps ensure your company isn’t at risk because of another company’s breach. Deep contextual intelligence  from recent high profile breaches, combined with weak password dictionaries  find those which are direct matches and those which are similar enough to be easily cracked using modern tools.

Easy to Use

As a complementary service, Preempt Inspector allows administrators to quickly and easily look at user passwords across the entire enterprise and identify those accounts which represent vulnerabilities. The application works closely with Active Directory to get a real-time view of the organization’s password health.


  • Windows 8 or above. Windows machine with .NET 4.5 Internet Explorer 10 or above
  • Valid user with Domain Admin privileges
  • Access to the internet to download the password dictionary
  • Solid IT administrative knowledge

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