Preempt Any App

Expand Secure Authentication to Any Application

Prevent Theft and Abuse of Stolen Credentials

Expand Secure Authentication to Any Application

With its highly-adaptable policy engine and natural role as an authentication and application proxy, Preempt Any App opens up a variety of new possibilities for IT and Security teams looking to prevent credential compromise. Organizations can leverage Any App to quickly and easily create new policies that extend the reach of other technologies such as multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Preempt is vendor neutral and can complement and extend a typical MFA deployment from a variety of vendors such as Duo, OKTA, and SecureAuth.

Quick. Easy. No Development.

Harden security and reduce risk

Preempt Any App - How it Works

Adding MFA to protect on-premise applications can be complicated. For every application there is time, testing, on-going maintenance and effort from staff across a variety of departments. It’s unsustainable. The result? A fractured approach at best with the majority of applications not being protected by MFA.

Preempt Any App removes the need for customization and turns the job of adding MFA to applications into a simple matter of defining the policy. Any App acts as an LDAP or Kerberos proxy within the network, and works for Windows, Mac and Linux environments. When a user first connects to an application, the application attempts to verify the user’s identity. Any App proxies this request, and based on the policy, can trigger the organization’s MFA solution to push a challenge to the end user. Once the challenge is accepted, Preempt verifies the authentication and access to the application is granted.

The flexibility of the Policy Engine in Any App allows staff to fine-tune exactly how they want to use MFA. Instead of forcing MFA for all users all the time, staff may want to require MFA only for certain users or devices. For example, require MFA when a user connects from an unmanaged device. Likewise MFA policies can trigger based on abnormal user behavior such as a user connecting to a new asset, or from a new location or new device. This gives teams an enormous amount of flexibility to apply contextual controls to any application, and keep end-users empowered while continuing to protect the network and its assets.

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