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Technology Integrations

Okta Integration

Consistent Multi Factor Security: On-Premises and in the Cloud

Helping customers secure their corporate assets — both in the cloud and on-premises — has always been a priority at Preempt. But achieving the same visibility and control can be challenging.

Preempt’s integration with Okta helps customers optimize their multifactor authentication (MFA) investment so they can benefit from unified visibility and conditional access enforcement in any environment. Combining Preempt with Okta affords security teams the visibility into all systems and applications in any environment, and automatically applies the same access management rules to thwart both attacks and insider threats without disrupting the end-user experience.

Read the blog post to learn more about how Preempt helps customers in hybrid-cloud environments to conduct business more securely.

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Get the Most From Your Okta Deployment

Enforce Context-Aware Multi-Factor Authentication

See how to adaptively trigger Okta multi factor authentication (MFA) based on changing risk or threat context. Watch this video demonstrating Preempt automatically detecting the presence of a stealthy administrator in a network, then triggering an Okta MFA challenge based on policy.

More about Multi Factor Authentication

Apply SSO Policies Based On Risk

Automatically update your single sign-on (SSO) Okta policies based on risks and threats detected by Preempt. In this demonstration, we will show how Preempt for Okta can detect an attacker using Mimikatz to pass the hash, and automatically respond by adding the affected user to a high-risk user group requiring step-up MFA.

Increase ROI from your Okta investment

Extend Secure Access to Any Network Asset

See how to use Preempt for Okta to extend MFA/step-up authentication to any asset in the network including workstations, servers, or custom applications without the need for agents or customization. See how Preempt’s simple network-based policies can ensure all your assets are consistently protected by conditional access MFA.

Enable Unified Network and Cloud Security Visibility

Get full visibility of user behavior, risks, and threats in your on-premises network, in the cloud, or in a hybrid of the two. See how Preempt for Okta breaks down silos of visibility to deliver complete identity and access management context security for your organization.

Okta + Preempt – Achieve Conditional Access Everywhere

Extend visibility, threat detection, and adaptive enforcement on premises and in the cloud.