Preempt Insights

Quickly Find and Resolve Your Risks and Weaknesses

Preempt Insights Brings Your Security Posture Into Focus

Easily track all of your privileged users, find weak passwords or users who are sharing logins. With a single click, see who is using unmanaged devices and how they are being used in the network. Instantly see the users, devices, or even organizational units that are contributing the most risk to your network and their potential impact. With the Preempt Platform’s Insights application you have an always-up-to-date view of organizational risk paired with the tools to take corrective action.

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User Visibility

Preempt Insights observes traffic to automatically identify all of the users in your organization including privileged users, service accounts, executives, contractors and more as well as identify new or unknown users, stale accounts, users with poor security hygiene and more. Prebuilt filters make it easy to see specific types of risks such as administrators using unmanaged devices or sharing passwords. Simple graphs show changes from day to day making it easy to track progress or identify any new administrators.

Find Weaknesses in Context

In addition to privileged users, Insights also automatically tracks all of your regular users, devices, and accounts and ranks them in terms of risk. Uncover unsafe password practices, and weaknesses for both human users and programmatic accounts. Insights then shows a wide variety of traits and context for each reported entity such as if the account is cloud-enabled. Furthermore, Insights is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own custom Insights based on most any attribute in the Preempt Platform.

Powerful Risk Analytics

A dedicated Risk Analysis page makes it clear which departments or organizational units are having the biggest effect on the security of the enterprise so that you know where to focus your attention. With this view you can view how each group is contributing to the security of the organization, both in terms of risk as well as impact to the network based on the resources they have access to. An Outliers view visualizes the intersection of Risk and Impact to reveal the accounts that need the most immediate attention.

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