Insider Threat Prevention

Insider Threat Prevention

Whether due to malicious behavior or honest mistakes, threats from trusted insiders can be the most difficult to manage. To prevent these threats, organizations need more holistic visibility and control to proactively reduce internal risk, detect suspicious behavior and prevent insider threats before damage is done.

Challenge Abnormal Behavior

- Continually monitor and learn user behavior in the network and across cloud assets (assets a user access, protocols they use, normal working hours and devices used)

- Deviation from normal behavior triggers a challenge to the user via MFA or by requiring a human authorizer

- Policies can be set to protect any asset to ensure that critical data stores and assets remain protected from insiders

Continuous Insider Risk Scoring and Assessment

- Continually analyze overall environment to uncover weakness and signs of poor security hygiene

- Proactively identify problems in security posture

- Track individual users, teams, or business units that contribute the most risk

- Detect use of unmanaged devices, weak passwords, users who share passwords or accounts, use of risky protocols, and much more

- Dedicated Insights page to track and see risky attributes and impact to the network