Nov 17
10:00 am PDT


Demo Tuesdays: Zero Trust Fights Off Ransomware

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) use has exploded during Covid, allowing remote employees to access workstations and servers located on company premises. RDP provides an encrypted connection between both endpoints. That’s always secure, yes? Well, no.

Dharma ransomware uses RDP as an entry point into your environment, while SamSam and CrySiS use RDP for lateral movement to spread their infection to other systems. Join Security Engineer Tom Stanton to watch a demo of the Zero Trust platform and learn more about:

  • How RDP attacks work both on the endpoint and as lateral movement inside the environment
  • How to secure identities against brute force attacks as well as other weak password issues
  • Using risk-based conditional access shuts down RDP movement
  • How to segment your network to minimize malicious RDP spread

In a world where attackers are buying RDP credentials from criminal marketplaces, CrowdStrike’s Zero Trust can help defend your enterprise from Ransomware.