Demo Tuesday: Active Directory is a Mess – Let Us Fix It!

Almost every conversation we have with organizations looking to Preempt have a common theme:  Active Directory is a mess. The reasons include many factors over time, such as:  

  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Turnover of those responsible for AD
  • Inability to improve AD hygiene due to worry that something will “break”
  • Lack of visibility of privileged users and service accounts

In this hands-on product demo, Preempt Solutions Engineer Phil Meneses shows you how the Preempt Platform can be used to gain insights into your Active Directory environment, and allows you to make changes with confidence.

  1. Understand who your privileged users are, including stealthy admins
  2. Gain visibility into service accounts – who they are and what they are accessing
  3. Learn where the top risks are in your Active Directory environment

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