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Why a Seamless Employee Login Experience Matters

Identity is more important to organizations today than ever before. It is an essential component of digital transformation efforts, the foundation of cybersecurity, and barometer of employee productivity. The need to provide a better workforce identity solution was already apparent for organizations going into 2020, and COVID-19 accelerated the urgency.

Digital Transformation

Companies are investing heavily in their digital transformation initiatives. In order for these programs to take flight, they need an identity foundation that eliminates silos and provides advanced integration capabilities. When identity can be confirmed, continually secured, and deployed anywhere in the world, digital transformation can reach its full potential.


The majority of breaches today involve a compromise of the identity store or a credential.  Protection of identity is now a top priority for cybersecurity professionals.  In fact, you could argue the use of passwords alone makes them the number one threat to enterprises today. Identity management allows organizations to reduce their password risk and prevent insider threats or credential theft using advanced authentication methods. Identity combined with dynamic policies based on user behavior and risk scores can prevent account takeover and phishing attacks, which are the most popular methods used by malicious actors.

Employee Productivity

Providing a seamless experience and access to what they need quickly and easily is the key to employee productivity. This has proved challenging for many organizations, because of constant behavior change due to digital transformation projects and accelerated with the sudden shift of a majority of their employees to remote work. Organizations which already deployed identity to provide a consistent employee experience and seamless authentication have pivoted to this new reality much easier.

Ping Identity is trusted by the largest enterprises in the world because of our ability to integrate any user, in any directory, using any app, on any device. We do this with our advanced and scalable integrations along with our multi-factor authentication (MFA) which handles a variety of different use cases.

Our platform allows enterprises to create dynamic access policies, integrate different environments, and create a single source of truth for user authentication. We allow them to keep their workforce identities independent versus having to commit to a certain vendor ecosystem. A major driver for our effectiveness, particularly in terms of employee experience, is the ability to leverage 3rd party risk scores during authentication scenarios in rapid succession.

Ping & Preempt = Intelligent Risk-Based Access

One of our most significant risk-based integrations is with Preempt Security, which allows organizations to increase security without harming employee productivity. Preempt provides continuous AI-based user behavior and threat based risk scoring to enhance access decisions within the Ping Identity platform. This has numerous benefits to organizations including:

  • Stronger Security

Preempt provides a continuous, risk-based Conditional Access approach that analyzes user behavior, identity, and risk analytics in real-time, as opposed to static authentication which relies on mere passwords.

  • Improved Productivity and Lower Friction

Preempt operates in the background and only triggers an MFA event when necessary. Since the end-user will either pass or fail the MFA, this eliminates false positives for the security operations centers.  The net result are fewer login prompts and fewer disruptions of work.

  • More Visibility

With Ping and Preempt operating together, you can have full coverage for all your login scenarios for any user, app, device, or deployment environment.  And with continuous risk visibility, security threats can be monitored even after the login process is completed.

  • No Agents

The end-user does not need an endpoint agent with the Preempt and Ping combined solution.  This enables security monitoring and protection for large numbers of remote workers, unmanaged devices, and even extends some protection to an organization’s supply chain.  You can read about how this was accomplished for a large Fortune 500 organization in this white paper.

Preempt provides advanced, risk-based access, which is crucial to combat new attacks, malware, and ransomware. When it is combined with Ping Identity, it can be applied to any identity scenario, whether a login or simply accessing a new or different service. This integration allows your workforce not only to be more secure, but more productive. It gives you the confidence to empower your remote workforce at scale, embark on digital transformation, and launch other strategic initiatives.

To learn more about how Ping & Preempt combine to deliver advanced dynamic authentication, please register for this webinar that shows how a large enterprise deployed Ping & Preempt in 30 days for 100,000+ users.

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Posted by Zain Malik on June 25, 2020 5:14 AM


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