DEMO TUESDAY FEB. 18: No Logs Lateral Movement Threat Detection (OR 3.2 Update – See What You are Missing!)


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Preempt Security Release v3.2 – What’s New

Back in 2016 the co-founder of Preempt, Ajit Sancheti, seeded an idea with me that only now the market sees...
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Empowering Employees to Reduce Security Incidents

In the hustle and bustle of our modern world, we can all get easily lost in the noise. One kind...
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Taming Network Chaos By Understanding User Behavior

Enterprises are badly burned by security tools that don’t work. When they finally see a solution that does what it purports...
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Brute Force Attacks: Denying the Attacker, Not the User

According to, close to 8 billion accounts have been compromised. The site  provides a tool to see if any...
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Going on the Offense: How to Eliminate Internal Threats

Over the past few years, we’ve observed significant changes in the types of conversations we’re having with CISOs. What used...
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