DEMO TUESDAY FEB. 18: No Logs Lateral Movement Threat Detection (OR 3.2 Update – See What You are Missing!)


Category: Privileged Accounts

Preempt Security Release v3.2 – What’s New

Back in 2016 the co-founder of Preempt, Ajit Sancheti, seeded an idea with me that only now the market sees...
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A CISO’s Perspective on Conditional Access

Why did 120 people stand for 20 minutes to hear one talk — and miss out on dozens of other...
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Red Flag Alert: Service Accounts Performing Interactive Logins

In the world of account security, we often focus on end user accounts as the weak vector vulnerable to attackers. On...
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What State-Sponsored Attacks Can Teach Us About Conditional Access

People often think that state-sponsored attacks from groups like Lazarus (North Korea), Fancy Bear (Russia) or menuPass (China) only target...
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Conditional Access Establishes Trust In the Network

Stolen or compromised credentials pose well-known risks to organizations and their employees. And as hackers and other malicious actors become more...
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