DEMO TUESDAY FEB. 18: No Logs Lateral Movement Threat Detection (OR 3.2 Update – See What You are Missing!)


Category: Preempt Research Team

Preempt Security Release v3.2 – What’s New

Back in 2016 the co-founder of Preempt, Ajit Sancheti, seeded an idea with me that only now the market sees...
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Security Advisory: Active Directory Open to More NTLM Attacks

By: Yaron Zinar and Marina Simakov Drop The MIC 2 (CVE 2019-1166) & Exploiting LMv2 Clients (CVE-2019-1338) On October 8, 2019, aka...
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How the CIA Twists the APT Kill Chain to Avoid Detection

A couple of weeks ago, in my blog on Improving Hacking Techniques Used by the CIA, I talked about how...
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Improving Hacking Techniques Used by the CIA  – DLL Proxy Made Easy

Just like the rest of the world, I’ve been fascinated by the CIA documents released by WikiLeaks (aka Vault 7...
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