Adaptive MFA Anywhere

Challenge Users At the Right Time, Every Time

Depending on the level of risk, enforce the right level of authentication in front of any network or cloud application.

Get More Out of Your MFA

Leverage your current authentication provider(s) to stop threats in real time without any change to your infrastructure. With proprietary analytics on user behavior and network traffic, you can optimize your security investments by enforcing MFA in front of any corporate resource when a threat or risky behavior is detected.

Datasheet: The Preempt Platform

Unify Visibility and Control

Bring together your authentication solutions for unified visibility and control. In one easy-to-use management console, see all of your authentication traffic and set granular policies and enforce risk-based controls across your entire environment - both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Seamless Integration, Easy End-User Experience

Deploy and integrate Preempt with your favorite authentication vendors without installing any agents on your endpoints. Preempt has a flexible deployment model that fits your environment and allows for easy end user experience by empowering them to be part of the remediation workflow.

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Authentication That Is Threat-Aware

Identity, Access Management and Threat Intelligence come together in Preempt by analyzing network traffic, combining it with identity, and enforcing conditional access. Rather than requiring authentication based on static user or group policy, Preempt steps up authentication when a targeted attack is detected to stop threats in real time.

Video: Context-Aware Multi-Factor Authentication

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