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Securing Active Directory

Protecting What Matters: The Heart of Your Organization

Active Directory is a crucial part of your network architecture, handling the identity store, managing communication between domains, and implementing secure public key certificates. Protecting it is mission critical.

Get Instant Insight Into Your Users and Accounts

Preempt can get instant vision into your Active Directory across your entire network to identify shadow administrators, stale accounts, shared credentials, and other issues that are traditionally hard to find. Enjoy insight into your active directory group policy to find weak passwords and inappropriate permissions.

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Harden Your Active Directory

Preempt hardens the security and reduces risks around your Active Directory by monitoring network traffic, data, and policy to analyze the behavior of all accounts, proactively find weaknesses, detect active threats, and provide enforcement which adapts to changes in behavior or permissions.
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Find Threats Based on Behavior

Automatically learn behavior for every entity in the network and proactively identify deviations or risky behavior. Challenge suspicious behavior and automatically update the learning model based on the results. By studying user behavior, including service accounts, you can reduce the attack surface by spotting attacker reconnaissance, lateral movement, privilege account escalation, and the use of key attack tools or misuse of protocols.

Secure Privilege Accounts to Improve Active Directory Hygiene

Improve Security Hygiene with Continuous Monitoring

Preempt proactively exposes credential configuration weakness, risky behavior, password problems and more. By scoring users in your identity store including service accounts, groups, and departments by their live activity, Preempt can stop malicious activity like brute force attacks before damage is done, and provide reporting and analysis via API that can be consumed to enrich any SIEM event alerts and reporting.

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Take Active Directory Security to the Next Level